It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later. Or is it?

Today I have been thinking a lot about how life has changed so drastically in the last couple of years. Being a senior in college, I am realizing that the stereotypical thought of how a person grows away from what was once all he or she knew, is quite accurate. Four years ago, I was just a senior in high school, attending class with the same people that I had been for the past nine years. These were the people that made up almost all of my friendships. Life was so simple. Continue reading

A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words

Although I love to write about my thoughts and experiences (even though I have not done enough of it lately), sometimes there is no better way to express yourself than the way you can in a picture. A picture can capture an emotion, a feeling and can provide an image that can remain in your mind for years to come–just the way words can. This summer, I created a web portfolio showcasing some of my recent photography. I decided to share it on my blog and would love any feedback! I usually take mostly landscapes and nature photos, but every once in awhile I switch it up a bit. I have attached some photos below as well as the link to the rest of my portfolio. Enjoy! ­čÖé

The Romantic vs. The Cynic

I am torn between two opposites. Fire and ice, The Big Ten versus The SEC, The Backstreet Boys compared to ‘N Sync. I am torn between being a hopeless┬áromantic and being cynical towards love. The first part of me, after all of the countless romantic comedies and dramas that I have watched, is set on the belief that I have a Prince Charming who will sweep me off of my feet (not necessarily with the horse and carriage and whatnot, but definitely in a manner that would be worth watching in a movie). The other part of me, however, feels like love is not achievable in the way I always imagined. For reasons that I will not go into in this post, let’s just say in the last year or so I have been given justifiable reason to believe that this could be the case. Can two people really fall in love and stay in love for the rest of their lives? The romantic and the cynic each claiming one of my shoulders are giving me different answers. Continue reading

Love Like Lacey

Today, my heart is heavy. Lacey Holsworth, the Queen of March and the inspiration to not only a basketball team, but an entire nation, passed away early this morning. The eight-year old’s story can be found here:┬á, which includes a video of her relationship with MSU Basketball Player, Adreian Payne.

I have not been able to help but wonder, today, especially, why so many lives are cut so short? Why does an eight-year old girl have to leave this Earth when so many of us are given the privilege to see so many more years? I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for everyone’s life. I know Lacey has inspired so many people and has left a legacy that has already changed the lives of countless people. Thinking about Lacey, my aunt who died at six years old, or a friend whose life was cut too short, the only thing that helps me is to remember that they all achieved their purpose in life. It’s so heartbreaking to have to fathom that so many have to die at such a young age and to not have all the answers. I cannot speak for my aunt who I never knew, and although I never met Lacey, it was clear that she lived her life to the fullest and made such an impact on so many, as did my friend.

With finals coming up, I have, as all college students have, been stressed and a little on edge. But as I write this, sitting in my backyard on a picnic table with the sun shining on me, I am realizing how I have been looking at life the wrong way lately. Yes, the next month will be crazy busy, mostly filled with studying and binge-eating in between my study sessions; but I am young and alive and surrounded by so many amazing people in my life. I want to live my life with even a small sliver of the courage and strength that Lacey had in her short time. There’s no point in frowning when there is so much in the world to smile about. Will I have my bad days? Absolutely. Who doesn’t? But I think the phrase “living in the moment” should be a life motto for anyone and everyone. Everyone should spread as much love as possible, we should all love like Lacey. You never know what tomorrow is going to bring.


Rest in peace, sweet Lacey.


Music: Do You Like It or Love It?

Recently, I was asked if I ever get self-conscious playing my personal playlists over the speakers at work. My answer? Absolutely. Sure, clicking on Pandora’s Top 40 station is an easy out–everyone knows the songs and they aren’t my actual choice. But, when it comes to my own playlists that I put together, it is like sharing a little piece of my soul with the rest of the world.┬á Continue reading

Ready, Set, Go.

So many people have the desire to travel the world, and I am certainly no exception. However, when thinking about the reasons why I love to travel, it is the small things that I love about it most. I have never even been out of the country–if I am fortunate enough in my life, I want to go to every continent (not including Antarctica, I wouldn’t say it’s on the top of my list). But I don’t want to go to these places just so I can say that I’ve been there, or even to take the fabulous pictures that the entire Facebook and Instagram population can see if they so choose–yes, I do like posting the occasional moments that I have on trips so I can share them with Continue reading

Room 426

The nurse said

she would give us some time.

But no amount of time

is enough

for a goodbye

that could be the last.

How would I ever leave?

A quiet I love you and a hug

was all I could manage.

Then I turned around,

body of stone,

and walked

like a person

dipped in tar, knowing

that if I looked back

saw again my mom in that room,

I would run

to her

and never let go.

The Purpose of Life? People.

I have found myself thinking a lot about what the real purpose of life is lately. Not necessarily my own life, but life in general. I think the fact that I have spent so much time thinking about what I want to do with my own life has made me question what it’s all for. Why should my choice of career matter in terms of money? Because it will determine how much money I will make in order to live and “be happy”? Why does money control so much of our lives? Thinking about it, so many people spend so much time in their lives doing jobs that they hate and that give them no purpose or drive in life. I think the real purpose in life is relationships. People. I am Catholic and believe that each and every person has his or her own purpose in life–we all have a reason for the time that we are given on this earth. But in reality, no one wants to be alone. Everyone wants someone to share their lives with– as the famous quote says, “Happiness is only real when shared.” So what is the purpose of life? Relationships with other people. Continue reading

Tainted Views

After reading the article, “What Men Really Think of Your Body,” ( found on the Relationship Surgery Blog, I can honestly say that my eyes were opened. This article is worth the read–it will make more sense as to what I am writing about here, as well! Why is it that so many women, including myself, have this view that is skewed on how men view them?

In my situation, I feel as if I have the view that men are constantly judging my body because of a lot of the 20-something guys that I hang around. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great ones that don’t taint my view at all, but there are also a handful that are the reason I think the way I do–or at least used Continue reading

Who cares what other people think?

When it comes to worrying about what others think of me, I have learned one thing over the years: it doesn’t matter. Other people’s thoughts about what I do and who I am should not impact how I choose to live my life. Now I’m not saying that it’s a good idea to disregard what ANYONE thinks of me–for example, when it comes to my career, it most certainly matters what my boss or potential boss thinks of me. However, from a social standpoint, I do not think my actions should be influenced by how other people will perceive them. I should do them because I feel they are best and I agree with them, and for no other reason.┬á Continue reading